Friday, 26 April 2013

Transit of Guru 2013

Jupiter moves from your 2nd house to 3rd house on 31st May 2013 till 18th June 2014. The transits of Saturn, Rahu and ketu are also not so favorable. In taking any major decisions, you need to think twice before implementing. Mental stress could be more. Difference of opinions may come in your relationships and with your sub-ordinates.
Too much of work load will tempt you to take alternate decisions in career which may not be fruitful. It is better to be calm at time of opposition to avoid further troubles. But your efforts will pay you next year surely. Be calm till such time.Few will get a change of place or country based on the favorable dasa period running in the basic horoscope. In business, funds flow may not be satisfactory and long time clients too will test our patience. Do not be open to new comers in your department or in your company as they may be a source to put you into trouble. At the same time, your boss will be supporting you as Saturn is also the house of profession for your moon sign. Too much of travel will be there for few based on their horoscope.
Expenses will mount for buying of a property or vehicle. Auspicious functions will be there in the family and you need to have strict control on finance. As Saturn is with Rahu in the house of your life partner, few differences of opinion will come and it is better to handle your personal life in a cool way as you are basically soft by nature. Children will do well in their life and because of them you will get happiness. You will be blessed with a child if you are expecting for it.  With respect to health, you need to have regular GOOD habits in time to avoid health disorders. Even though you may haave more burdens on your financial side, you will be in a position to handle it.
As the transit of major planets are not propitious, before implementing any decisions, think twice, consult your well wishers and implement it. If you are running with favorable Dasa and Antardasa periods, the amount of growth only be minimized but you will not be facing misfortunes. If it is contrary, you need to take remedy for these effects. God is the one who can solve our problems.

Jupiter moves to second house from your rasi by 31st of may 2013 till 18th June 2014.It also aspects Saturn and Rahu and your house of profession from your moon sign.
The hurdles and setbacks you had all these years will come to an end. That’s the good news to you. As the main planets like Jupiter(Guru),Saturn(sani) and Rahu are in extreme favorable conditions which comes very rarely, you will be blessed.
Your real fortune in career or business starts once again in your life. Pending promotions with good financial growth will make you happy. If you are expecting for a job change, it will surely happen. Whatever efforts you want to do, you can proceed with confidence and you will get the best out of it. Your efforts will be appreciated and your position and status will increase. All the ones who tried to stop your growth will be out of your vicinity. Your boss and sub ordinates will cooperate with you fully. On the whole, this period will really be a golden period in your life. If you are in business, overseas operations or business from other places will yield growth and success. All the problems in terms of production, Clientele and labour will be well under control. Expansions and new ventures will be successful. You will be benefited because of new associations.
All your financial strains and debts will come under control. Efforts on buying assets will be fruitful. If you are looking for marriage, you will get married. If few problems or setbacks are there in your personal life, you will have a solution for it. Health condition will be extremely good. You will have celebrations in your family. Friends and relatives will be supportive. Pending disputes will be solved. Few will have long travel based on their horoscope. More sources of income is likely.

Being this time is very rare to come again in your life, make the most of it. Work more to get the results positively. All your new efforts will be fruitful and so, make the most.

Jupiter or Guru moves to your own rasi by 31st may 2013 till 18th June 2014. It is the planet for your marriage and profession according to your moon sign. Jupiter is also aspecting your house of  fortune and also the owner of the house, Saturn which is a very good combination. Your expenses and setbacks in the past will minimize.
You will surely recover from the humiliation in your career or business which was there before. You will also have a change of place connected to your professional life with a small growth. Even the work pressure or the atmosphere may not be satisfactory, don’t worry about it. It will reward you more in the next year. You will have new boss and the sub ordinates will cooperate with you very well. If you are into business, the losses and commitments beyond control will come to an end. You will have consolidation in your business. New proposals will come, at the same time, you need to have control with the people taking care of your money matters in business.
Your long awaited ambitions and desires will be fulfilled. Marriage or marital life will promote happiness. Children will do good and you will blessed with a child if you are looking for it. Property related troubles will come and be sorted out. At the same time, your health may be disturbed at times. During travel, enough precaution is required. If you are not running with favorable dasa in your horoscope, you will get the reverse effects on your personal and financial condition and it is better to sought for remedy.
In taking any major decisions, consult with your well wishers. Health should be taken care. Unwanted commitments, expenses and before buying a property, thorough and complete check on legal aspects is required to avoid hurdles.

Marriage and doshas_-Temples

The temples are the most powerful places creating huge level of vibrations to  solve our problems and setbacks in our life. Whatever the hurdles we see in our life is basically because of Doshas which comes as the result of our previous birth’s karma.
The most important aspect in our life is marriage. Many people have their marriage delayed because of the doshas formed by any of the nine planets. Our ancient Sages or the rishis of India have come out with the solution in way of temples and these temples were built by the kings several thousands of years back. Kindly imagine how these structures are even today? And many temples are maintained in a poor manner, but still they are full of vigor and strength.
Here, you will find the temples in Tamilnadu, India for solving the problems in marital life or to promote marriage at the earliest. We should also keep in mind that every one of us have our own temple(s) which could be determined only after seeing the position of planets in your horoscope. But, still I thought of giving the temples for marriage. The reason for me giving mainly the temples of Tamilnadu is that, it is the place where it has withstood and safe guarded during foreign invasions. In many parts of India, temples are there no doubt but in many temples, we could not find the reason or purana behind the formation of that temple. We see only the king who has built those temples and the reason for it we have lost. But in Tamilnadu temples, it is still kept alive. We should be thankful to the kings and the holy people of India of the past to hand over these treasures beyond value!!
I am giving the temples of Lord Shiva from 274 paadal petra sthalams(the temples sung by the holy 4 people, Appar, Sundarar, Sambandar and Tirunavukkarasar who are considered as the incarnation of Shiva) and Mahavishnu temples from 108 Divya desams which are divine as it is sung by Alwars, the holy ones blessed fully by Sriman Narayana himself.

The planets creating doshas in delaying marriage and the temple for it is illustrated with the purana or the history of that temple.